Ride out the recession with CRM On Demand.

Times aren’t getting any easier as far as the world economy is concerned, which is why we could all do with some extra assistance. Thanks to CRM On Demand courtesy of the InFact Group, give your business a real shot in the arm and set yourself on the road to recovery. The InFact Group has developed an extensive variety of solutions focusing on how to make CRM On Demand a more user-friendly experience.
In addition, anyone interested in exploring ways of extending CRM functionality to the mobile environment should take a look at the solutions on offer here. Products cover visual mapping, email integration, smartphone calendar sync and more. It goes without saying that we all know that getting the most from CRM is about more than the latest technology, it’s also about connecting with established expertise. Our Oracle CRM consultants can provide invaluable advice to your company. Services include scoping, change management and full training and support services, all provided by a highly-skilled, multi-lingual team.
Another area that holds no secrets for the Group are Oracle Fusion CRM applications. Oracle Fusion CRM delivers numerous advanced options like superior sales planning and performance management. The SaaS expertise of the InFact Group enables it to implement Oracle Fusion CRM for maximum ease of use.

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