Caravan in style with Eurovent awnings!

There’s no doubt that camping and caravanning are something of national pastimes in the UK. However, we’re definitely much more demanding in terms of wanting our creature comforts – holidays under sodden canvas no longer hold the same appeal that they once (allegedly) did. So it’s no surprise that Eurovent’s large range of caravan awnings for sale should attract so much interest. Maybe it’s the technologically-sophisticated fabrics used in their designs, or the obvious attention to detail, or perhaps the quality of the end product – whatever the reason, eurovent awnings are definitely worth a look. Made in Europe to the highest of manufacturing standards, yet remaining very competitive in terms of price, Eurovent products have been on sale in the UK for more than 20 years now and are available from specialist dealers.

Of the wide selection of caravan porch awnings for sale, one of the more popular models is the Soleria. It’s easy to see why – it’s an extremely versatile design with detachable panels, double entrances and room for two additional annexes that can be used as extra storage space or as another bedroom. This model is available in steel – or if weight is a worry – fibreglass frame versions.

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