The flip book – for digital content with a little more depth

In today’s world, where the focus seems to be so much on style, rather than substance, isn’t it reassuring to know that there are technologies that take both into account?

The flip book may seem like a simple concept – offering your digital content consumers the chance to look through your documentation in a way that’s a little closer to traditional methods of reading – but there’s much more to this software than meets the eye, as Webpublication can demonstrate. Its online magazine creator is a great way of tailoring your corporate collateral to meet the requirements of your readers whilst still leaving your mark on the documents you produce. Customisation options enable you to stamp your own distinctive corporate identity on your content through backgrounds, colour schemes and logos that reflect your values and brand. As the software is Google Analytics-compatible, your digital content can double as a useful source of information on your clients’ reading behaviours and choices. If you’re selling goods or services, the e-brochure will be right up your street. Its user-friendly format and functionalities will make it the ideal showcase for your wares and customers will definitely appreciate rich media features like sound and HD images.

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