Brighten up your feet with a riot of colour.

It’s time to get into the spirit of summer and what better way to do that than with the Modatoi collection? is a site that specializes in ladies’ shoes and clothing boasting that unmistakeable European cachet.The site is unbeatable when it comes to ladies’ shoes. They have footwear to fulfil your every style fantasy. Wallflowers had better watch out – this summer women’s shoes are brash. The delicate fake flowers adorning footwear this summer are the perfect partners for those pretty floral dresses. Bows and ribbons are another summertime must-have in a mixture of flamboyant and more subtle styles. Women’s boots aren’t quite so elaborate, making an appearance in colours along the lines of black, grey and khaki, with the odd foray into more flashy territory with bright scarlet designs. In comparison, half boots are designed for pure fun. What else would you expect when leopardskin patterns make such a big appearance?
Dresses are clearly one of the pillars of summertime fashion. A few things stand out this season. With regard to colour, eye-catching two-tone designs hold sway. Typically this includes black paired with a fairly bright shade such as shocking pink. And it’s easy to feel feminine with the help of a little lace, which is also big this year.

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