Give your products the promotional treatment they deserve with Webpublication’s flipbook software

If you’re trying to get a product, a service or an organization the publicity it deserves, one powerful weapon in your armoury of promotional tools is the flip book. This tried and tested method may well produce results where other, supposedly more ‘cutting-edge’ approaches have drawn a blank. Its very simplicity is the key to its success. Consumers and internet users are familiar with the format and appreciate its user-friendliness. What they may not know is the extent to which this technology has now evolved. A whole new suite of features is available from the latest software packages. The Webpublication online magazine maker, for instance, now includes options such as rich media features like HD images, flash animation, sound, integrated video and more. It’s also supremely versatile in that you can embed your creation in your website, save it on a USB stick, burn it onto a DVD, email it and even view it on iPhone and iPad. If you want to make your e-brochure design reflect your corporate image or brand, that’s easy too! This package will enable you to customize your design by changing the background colour scheme to suit your desired look and adding your corporate logo.

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