As the summer draws to a close, make way for snooker!

With summer drawing to a close, indoor sports will be coming into their own again. There are few indoor sports that are bigger than snooker, and few names in snooker that are bigger than Riley snooker international, making their website a good place to look for new equipment or maybe for a first-time purchase of a table. If you are thinking of getting yourself a snooker table for the first time, there are a few things you should consider carefully. One obvious starting point is thinking about the room that you’re going to set aside for your table. The Riley website has a useful ‘room size’ section to enable you to see exactly what size of room you will need for the size of table you want to purchase, from 8 feet long to full-size. Online you can also find out fascinating facts about the game, which has gone through its fair share of highs and lows since it was first developed by British Army officers in India in the 1870s. Snooker has recently expanded from its base in the UK and Commonwealth countries like Canada and Australia, with the sport becoming increasingly popular in the Far East, especially in China.

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