Food allergies –a matter of life and death, or have DBV-Technologies got the answer to this pressing problem?

Food allergies are all too often seen as something of a minor inconvenience – which is all they are to many people. However, in the United States alone, allergic reactions to foodstuffs like peanuts and egg cause around 150 to 200 deaths annually – and over 125,000 admissions to accident and emergency departments. To find out more about what one French company is doing to combat this menace, just click here. One particularly difficult allergy to deal with concerns young children. Distressing to both infants and their parents due to a range of symptoms from vomiting to skin rash, cow’s milk allergy can affect between 1 in 50 and 1 in 30 children. At this moment in time, all parents can do is to try to eliminate cow’s milk from their kids’ diets, but this is not always easy and may have knock-on effects caused by dietary imbalances.

The DBV-Technologies internet site lifts the lid on the firm’s completely new approach to allergy diagnosis and treatment. This takes the shape of a non-invasive epicutaneous patch which massively reduces the risk of anaphylactic shock in those being treated and offers a real prospect of increasing the body’s tolerance to the antigens in question.

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