Treating and diagnosing allergies with DBV-Technologies

Allergies are by no means a new phenomenon. What is new, however, is the degree to which they have become so prevalent, especially in the western world. To counter this new healthcare threat, there is a range of products under development by It is hoped that in time these will be capable of both treating and providing early warning of allergies.

State-of-the-art equipment is used to produce the Viaskin® patch

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Why not take a look here to see what DBV-Technologies have been working on over the last few years? The company’s main focus has been on the Viaskin® patch, a versatile solution that can be used on patients of all ages. Featuring a condensation chamber, an electrostatically-charged backing and a highly-sophisticated manufacturing process, (see below), this patch is designed to slowly build up patients’ tolerance levels to various antigens.

A real bonus as far as younger individuals is concerned is the completely pain-free application of the Viaskin® patch. This is particularly useful with regard to those suffering from cows’ milk protein allergy. Many babies and young children under the age of three are affected by this condition, which can have unpleasant consequences, including vomiting and skin rashes.

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