French firm DBV-Technologies – at the forefront of new allergy-busting techniques! offers a fascinating glimpse into the cutting-edge of allergy diagnosis and treatment in the 21st century. From its premises in the Greater Paris region, this company has been busy working on a number of treatments for different food allergies, including a milk allergy treatmentthat has the potential to improve the quality of life of millions around the world. Going by the name of Viaskin, this treatment consists of a patch upon which a stream of electrically-charged protein particles is sprayed (as you can

Viaskin is produced with the help of electrospray technology


see in the picture below). The patch is then placed upon the skin, where it may be worn for as long as required. The basic premise of the patch is that it can deliver its load of particles, (the allergens which the patient has reacted to in the past), through the skin, rather than directly into the bloodstream, as would be the case in an injection-based approach. This is a much safer way of tolerizing the body to the allergen in question. As well as several patches aimed at treating food allergies, DBV-Technologies is also investigating the possibility of treating house dust mite allergy through the same approach.

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