The future of form builders has arrived – the FormForAll universal online form builder!

Forms of all shapes and sizes are an integral part of online life, but how satisfactory is most people’s experience of them? One of the best online form builder solutions available is from FormForAll – and it’s completely free to boot! This tool enables you to integrate a mail form on your website, no matter what CMS you’ve used to build it (Drupal, WordPress, WIX) and regardless of your target audience (thanks to the multi-lingual display option boasting over 30 languages). This versatility extends to a wide range of options and settings, which can be best seen on These include a very useful social login option, which is a great way of increasing your form conversion rates, as it allows you to ‘transfer’ certain personal data (e.g. first and second names) from your Facebook or Google+ accounts and automatically add this information to your online form with just one click. Webmasters will like features such as the double opt-in, which enables them to check whether visitors are submitting genuine email addresses, and the submission confirmation email service. To make sure the form-filling experience is equally seamless for visitors to your site, whether they’re on their home PC, tablet or smartphone, all forms are published according to responsive design criteria.

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